Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Not much new to report. I was going to post Carnaval pictures, but my camera was stolen. So, that kinda sucks. Won't be getting a new one until, say, October because my insurance hasn't gone through yet. I've got my eye on some sweet ones though, so it'll be worth the wait!

In cheerier news, Kauri is growing like crazy! It's now apparent that she is in fact a he! Here is a picture showing him at a few weeks old and then at four months. He's even bigger now and when he stretches out he reaches paw-to-paw from my chin to mid-thigh. I'm not sure what the official measure on that would be, but he's big!

PS I'm trying my best to find work now so that I have something of substance to tell you all. In the meantime, if there's anything that you all want to know about life in Bolivia, leave a comment and I'm happy to report.
PPS I got the most amazing package from Jen a while back- THANK YOU! I've also been getting some great mail from everyone and I love it! Hang in there, your reply letters are on the way!
Besos y abrazos,

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Jennifer Nelson said...

He's so long! Reminds me of a certain Kitten... but furrier... and white obviously.