Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Phew...I'm having trouble keeping up with these blog updates! Bueno...The most exciting news about September is that I finally got a new propane tank! You may not find this to be such a big deal but I had gone two months without cooking and, due to too many bologna sandwiches, too much beer from the August parties, and an extended break from basketball, my health was declining and I had gained 10 lbs. September started like any other month, with a meeting the 2nd of the reserve's management comittee. They do hikes to monitor the forest and to keep out foreign livestock and such. From there I stayed in Cabeza de Toro a few days...I've been trying to start teaching again regularly, but the distance of the community from Zapotillo is problematic. Anyway, when I can, I am teaching English/Computer/Environmental Education classes and basketball during recess. Since I've been staying there a few days at a time, I've been honing my firewood gathering/fire lighting/cooking over a fire skills.

This year's class...just a few new faces.

Reviewing how to connect the various parts of the computer. They had it wrong the last time and thought the computer was broken because all of the plugs were just jammed into random ports. 

Printing out coloring pages


It seems there are always kittens at the Sanchez house...so cute!

Clowning around in Cabeza de Toro.

I found these amusing...

OH! So, also in September, a photojournalist came to visit me in my site. He's putting together a book for the 50th Anniversary of Peace Corps in 2011. The book will document the lives of PC volunteers around the world to show what it means to be a PCV, how PC has changed over the years, and its continued relevance today. Here are links to his project siteand tohis blog.So the idea was that he followed me around for a few days to document my life, which was kinda weird and cool at the same time. Unfortunately he missed out on the class! Anyway, here are some photos...he hasn't sent me photos from the last day yet.

Stupid flu vaccines

Morning coffee talk with the boss/hanging out at the office

I love this photo!!

Checking out a fish pond project

Campo life

Serving lunch after a meeting

Talking about camera lenses, I think

Love this photo too! Taken from my neighbor's house.

Zapotillo at sunset

Hiking in the reserve, training a potential new guide.


The little girl (Sayra) and I were discussing the intricacies of colors in english.

Visiting with my favorite family!

Random Photos from September:

My coworkers assisted in confiscating some wood that was illegally cut down to sell. I was so disappointed I couldn't go with...we were on travel restrictions! They confiscated like 600 of over 1000 posts. Luckily a coworker took photos for me.

The town castle is the best place to go stargazing here...on a clear night it's awesome!

Maria with a new puppy...there are actually very nice, friendly dogs here, it's crazy!

A bird that got left out of the bird post...can't remember its name.

Random picture with the Italians in my site. The girl, Marcella, just left. =(

Well, I guess that's it for now. As always, I love and miss you all! Abrazotes,