Friday, August 20, 2010


Cat pictures I promised:

This is from the first few days I had Lucy. He (okay, I thought he was a she) did not want milk.

He was really malnourished and kinda looked like the crypt keeper...

In desperation, after having tried all of the foods you are supposed to give tiny, abandoned kittens, I gave him some tuna. Aha! I found out that the only thing this cat wanted was meat. And, thus, he started eating...
and eating...
...and once he grew a little more even started drinking milk!
He just kept growing and seemed to really like it around the office.

He got to be bigger than this by the time I left for the states, but I´m not sure where the most recent pictures of him are. This one is from around May. So there you go, months after you all requested photos, here they are. More updates to come...some day. Abrazotes,