Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Invitation to Serve

Dear Sarah,

Congratulations! It is with great pleasure that we invite you to begin training in Bolivia for Peace Corps service. You will be joining thousands of Americans who are building stronger communications around the world. This call to action gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and to find the best in yourself.

David Dauer, VRS/Placement Unit
Dear Peace Corps Invitee:

Congratulations on your invitation to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer. The Peace Corps offers this opportunity only to those who demonstrate a dedication to public service and a willingness to share their skills to help improve the quality of life for people in developing countries.

By living for two years in a different country and culture, Peace Corps Volunteers encounter great challenges and rewards. Many learn a new language and develop long-lasting friendships, while helping individuals use their own skills and resources to pursue a better life for themselves and their families. From agricultural and economic development to educational and health initiatives, your work will contribute significantly to the well-being of many people.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer, you will represent our Nation to those whom you serve. Take this opportunity to build goodwill and to help lay the foundation for a more peaceful world. Upon completing service, I hope that you will share your experiences and insights with your loved ones, friends, and fellow Americans. Your efforts will enhance the understanding of, and foster the appreciation for, other cultures.

Since 1961, more than 162,000 Americans have joined the Peace Corps. Their dedication, idealism, and commitment to helping others have made an enormous difference in countries around the world. I urge you to carry forward this noble American tradition as you answer the call to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

George W. Bush

So there you have it. I received a call last Friday to see if I would be okay with a slight adjustment (more towards IT development) in my area of service. Naturally, the change was fine with me and I was told that my invitation would be mailed out that afternoon. I rushed home with tears of joy and waited for my invitation to come. Monday, I received an invitation for Microenterprise Development: Information Technologies in Bolivia. My staging/orientation is from August 20, 2007- November 9, 2007. I will serve from November 9, 2007- November 13, 2009.

I'm not going to post detailed information about my travel or where I am staying. However, if you want more information on Bolivia, check out these websites:

Peace Corps Bolivia overview

CIA World Factbook- Bolivia

Department of State Bolivia background

Lonely Planet Bolivia guide

If you'd like to read the 100-page country guide that the Peace Corps has provided for me, please email me. I think it offers good information for family and friends, but I am uncomfortable posting it online.

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